Headboard or footboard, WildRoots. Choose from 6 colours, 4 widths and 2 heights

Headboard, WildRoots

Headboards and footboards  are suitable to attach to a metal frame.

Headboards and footboards  are suitable to attach to a metal frame.

Dimensions: All are 4" thick
Height - 19"
Twin: 44" wide. SKU: 43819
Full: 59" wide. SKU: 44819
Queen: 65" wide. SKU: 45819
King: 81" wide. SKU: 46819
Height - 43"
Twin: 44" wide. SKU: 43844
Full: 59" wide. SKU: 44844
Queen: 65" wide. SKU: 45844
King: 81" wide. SKU: 46844

Solid Southern Yellow Pine

We guarantee that our furniture will have gaps and cracks, but will not fall apart for as long as you own it! Shipping charges for replacement parts are included during your first year of ownership. Foam, fabric and mechanisms (non-wood parts) are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery. As most mills do not guarantee their fabric we will not be held responsible for wear or fading of our products’ fabric. This guarantee is limited to the original purchaser & also limited to furniture used indoors under normal residential conditions only. Your invoice is your proof of purchase. See your retailer for further details & commercial warranty terms.

Colour SKUs: A43819, B43819, C43819, E43819, G43819, S43819, U43819, A44819, B44819, C44819, E44819, G44819, S44819, U44819, A45819, B45819, C45819, E45819, G45819, S45819, U45819, A46819, B46819, C46819, E46819, G46819, S46819, U46819, A43844, B43844, C43844, E43844, G43844, S43844, U43844, A44844, B44844, C44844, E44844, G44844, S44844, U44844, A45844, B45844, C45844, E45844, G45844, S45844, U45844, A46844, B46844, C46844, E46844, G46844, S46844, U46844

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