Ordering, shipping, returns, etc

Is there any advantage to buying through your web site instead of a store that has your furniture? +

No. You will usually receive more personalized service from your local Crate Designs dealer.

Is there a dealer near me where I can purchase Crate Designs Furniture? +

We sell our furniture through over 250 furniture stores in every province (and some of the territories) of Canada. Click on the Store Locator link and enter your city/town/province to find your closest dealer.

I have your printed catalogue and it refers to a Room Planner but I can't find it. Where did it go? +

You have an old catalogue. While we no longer have the Room Planner on our site you can find a very good one here.

How quickly will I get my furniture after I order? +

Most furniture ordered online is shipped about 5 to 7 weeks after the order is placed. Depending on your location, transit time will add approximately one to three weeks to this. If you are ordering through a dealer they will advise you of when to expect your furniture to arrive.

Can I return the furniture if I am not happy with it? +

Yes. You may return items sold and fulfilled by Crate Designs Furniture within 7 days of delivery for a full refund. View complete details at our Customer Service page. If purchasing furniture through a Crate Designs dealer check with your salesperson for their store's return policy.

The company

Is Crate Designs Furniture a new company? +

The company was founded in 1909 as The Chesley Chair Company. The name was changed to Heirloom of Canada in the 1970's and to more accurately reflect the product line the name was changed again in the 1990's to Crate Designs.

Where is Crate Designs Furniture made? +

Crate Designs is manufactured in Canada, in the wonderful small town of Chesley, Ontario.

Are your products manufactured and sourced in an eco-friendly way? +

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, which is why: We only use plantation grown and harvested wood. Southern Yellow Pine forests are some of the most productive and sustainable timberlands in the world and it is an abundant and renewable resource. The furniture is blanket wrapped for local shipping whenever possible instead of using disposable packaging. Waste generated is recycled where possible (sawdust is used as animal bedding on a local farm) and when not feasible is disposed of in a responsible manner. Quality and durability mean a very long product lifecycle (lifetime) which minimizes the impact and footprint of your purchase on the environment.

Product details

Is your furniture solid wood or is it laminate over particle board? +

Most of our furniture is solid Southern Yellow Pine only. Beds and bunk beds are solid wood only with no particle board. Materials are listed in the description when you view a product. We use real wood veneer over particle board for the tops of some models to produce a better product. The veneered panel is surrounded by solid wood.

Can Crate Designs furniture be ordered unfinished? +

Yes. Unfinished furniture is available to allow you to personalize our furniture. Unfinished means the wood will arrive bare and meant to have a custom wood finish applied before use. Bare wood is not meant to be used as is because it is difficult to keep clean. Even the natural oils that rub off from people's hands will cause discolouration over time that can be difficult to remove.

What is the weight capacity for the upper bunk bed? +

Over 400 pounds. All of our beds and bunk beds are rated at over 400 pounds.

Is there a taller staircase available to match the height of a tall bunk bed? +

The staircase is only available in one height. Many small children have proven that it works well with the tall bunk bed.

Can I order a darker version of your finishes? +

Sorry, no, we don't do any custom colours or variations.

What is the height of the top bed of a Mission bunk bed? +

View a detailed picture with bunk bed height measurements here.

Can I use a trundle bed under a bunk bed? +

Trundle beds can be used under every model of bed and bunk bed we make.

Can we put a 4 drawer unit under both sides of a bed? +

A 4 drawer unit can be used on both sides of any Captain's bed model - even twin size. A 3 drawer unit can be used under both sides of any Crate Designs bed or bunk bed - even twin size.

Do you use synthetic foam in your sofas? +

Yes, we use polyurethane foam. It is durable and non-allergenic.

Where do I get the dimensions of the 4005Q bunk bed? +

Dimensions for all models are shown in the descriptions. Type the model number in the search box at the top of any page to quickly find the model you are interested in.

Do you have bunk beds that will fit extra-long mattresses that are 38" x 80"? +

Yes, all Crate Designs beds and bunk beds are available extra-long.

Is the assembly difficult for your dressers and chests…what tools do I need? +

Beds, bunk beds and dining tables require assembly. Instructions and an Allen key are provided and the only other tool you need is a screwdriver. All other furniture is shipped assembled. View Assembly Instructions.

Why can't you use regular size mattresses on your beds? +

You can. Our beds and bunk beds all are sized for regular North American mattress sizes. The exceptions are trundle beds. The height is limited to 7". We recommend a foam mattress for these models.

I will be ordering a 4 seat sofa that will have to be taken apart to get into my home. How easy will it be to take apart? +

Very easy. View Assembly Instructions for sofas.

Will the colour match the furniture if I order another Crate designs item in the future? +

Yes it will. As with most woods, pine will darken with age. The lighter the colour the more pronounced this natural darkening will be.

How is it that your Pine does not have any knots? +

Southern Yellow Pine does have knots and our furniture will have some knots, but much fewer than most pine furniture. The WildRoots and HarvestRoots collections are designed and built with the maximum amount of knots and character that we can find in our lumber - a very different look for those that appreciate the wilder side of wood!

Furniture care, maintenance, moving, changing

Can Crate Designs Furniture be left outside? +

No. Our furniture is for indoor use only.

Would putting a glass top on one of our tables affect the wood on any way? (i.e. increased warping, cracking etc.) +

No it wouldn’t be detrimental at all. WildRoots dressers and night tables are shipped with a tempered glass top.

How do I clean furniture with the Classic oil finish? +

Click on Furniture Care for information and tips for cleaning all of our finishes and fabrics.

I have a Crate Designs day bed and want to turn it into a bunk bed. How do I do this? +

Sorry, it is not possible to order components to convert beds into bunk beds.

We bought Crate Designs furniture many years ago. We noticed your new Espresso finish and would like to refinish our furniture in this colour. How do we do this? Can we buy the finish material from you? +

The finishes we use are formulated to be applied on bare wood using spray equipment. Visit a good paint store to purchase a paint or stain in the colour you are after. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for surface preparation and application.

We need to disassemble a bunk bed to move it but do not have the instructions. Where can I find instructions? +

Click on Assembly Instructions to view assembly/disassembly instructions for all models.

How much does it cost to reupholster furniture? +

Visit your local reupholsterer for the answer to that question. We do not offer that service but we do sell replacement upholstered components. These are complete components, new foam, fabric and internal frames where necessary. You simply remove your old parts and replace with the new ones. The price will vary depending on the fabric you choose. On the top menu click on Replacement Parts, then Upholstered Components to view pricing for all Crate Designs products.

How do I purchase fabric to reupholster my Crate Designs chairs myself? +

View and purchase fabric by clicking on Fabric Choices on the top menu. You can also purchase complete replacement components for any Crate Designs by clicking on Replacement Parts, then Upholstered Components on the top menu. Replacement components are complete units, ready to simply place on your frame or install very easily - simple to follow instructions are included.

I have a problem with a Crate Designs dresser that I purchased through Kijiji. How do I go about getting it serviced? +

Our lifetime guarantee is limited to the original purchaser. Replacement components are available and can be ordered for almost any part of Crate Designs furniture. Email a description of the problem part for a price quote.

Can I be sure of being able to add to my collection at a later date using the same fabric? +

No. Fabrics are a fashion product and can be discontinued by suppliers at any time. For customers buying upholstered items and thinking about adding more furniture (in the same fabric) at a later date, we recommend the following: Because we can never know in advance when, or if, a fabric will be discontinued, the only way you can be guaranteed to be able to add-on in that fabric is to purchase the required yardage now. When you want to add-on we will use your supplied fabric.