Crypton pattern History (Grade H). Crypton is the only durable fabric offering lifelong stain, moisture, bacteria, and odor-resistant protection.

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Soft, durable, and resistant to both stains and odors, Crypton Fabric is available in a wide array of textures and vibrant colors. And Crypton’s breakthrough performance technology is built into every fiber, so it won’t ever wear away. Spills and stains are easy to clean, and odors don’t cling.

ABRASION    75,000 Double Rubs
CAUTIONS    Do not use strong solvent cleaners.
CONSTRUCTION    Crypton, Jacquards, Woven
CONTENT    42% Polyester, 42% Cotton, 10% Recycled Post Industrial Polyester, 6% Recycled Post Consumer Polyester
CROCKING    AATCC 8: Dry = Class 4, AATCC 8: Wet = Class 3
ECOFRIENDLY    Crypton Green Eco-Friendly Woven Jacquard
FEATURES    Bacteria/Fungal Resistant, Stain Resistant
FINISH    Crypton - Permanent moisture, soil resistance and anti-microbial protection
FIRE RETARDANCY    California Technical Bulletin 117-Section E, UFAC Class 1
MILDEW    Mildew Resistant
PILLING    Passes ASTM D3511 - Class 5
REPEAT LENGTH    2.7" (7.0 cm) Up the Roll
REPEAT WIDTH    2.9" (7.4 cm) Across the Roll
SEAM SLIPPAGE    Passes ASTM D4034 - Fill 93 x Warp 79 LBF
STYLE    Circles, Contemporary, Dots, Large Scale, Prints
TEAR STRENGTH    Passes ASTM D2261 - Fill 18 x Warp 13 lbs
TENSILE STRENGTH    Passes ASTM D5034 - Fill 103 x Warp 220 lbs
USES    Decorative Accessories, Healthcare Seating, Hospitality Seating, Office Seating, Residential Seating
WEIGHT    9.77 Ounces per Linear Yard, 6.39 Ounces per Square Yard
WIDTH    55" (140 cm)
CLEANERS APPROVED    Virox 5, Crypton Upholstery Cleaners
CLEANER DISCLAIMER    Dilution ratios must be followed. Materials must be wiped with clean water after use and wiped dry with a clean cloth.

Most spills on Crypton can easily be cleaned with a towel. Just wipe up the spill with a clean cloth. However, for dried stains or more difficult stains, Crypton can be easily cleaned with a soap-and-water mixture.
Simply combine 1 part of an enzyme powder detergent such as Tide® or Cheer® with 5 parts water. Apply the solution to the stain and wait a minute or two to allow the detergent to begin removing the stain. Then lightly rub/scrub the area and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Remember, water will not penetrate Crypton's barrier so don't be afraid to rinse liberally. All soap residue must be completely removed.

As with any fabric, dirt and dust can build up, so vacuuming regularly is advised.