10 quick tips about bunk beds

10 quick tips about bunk beds
  1. All kids love bunk beds but you should be at least 6 years old to sleep on the top bunk.
  2. Bigger is not better when it comes to bunk bed mattresses. The mattress should be no more than 8 inches thick because guardrails need to extend at least 5 inches above the mattress to prevent kids from rolling off.
  3. Make sure you have a lightweight foam mattress. You will grateful for this on laundry day.
  4. You are going to want sheet clips. The average set of sheets you buy are designed to fit extra thick mattresses and will look wrinkly and baggy. Sheet clips will keep your bottom layer neat and tidy.
  5. It’s nearly impossible to get the outermost bedding on bunk beds perfectly smooth because you usually don’t have direct access to both sides of the beds. The other key to a neat and tidy bunk bed is choosing a fluffy down comforter and a duvet cover.
  6. Another option is to simply fluff the pillows and fold the comforter and place it at the foot of the bed.
  7. Even if you think they’ll always love bunk beds, choosing beds that separate into two beds guarantees versatility (if anyone changes their minds down the road).
  8. As long as you’re saving space by stacking beds, look for a bunk bed that accommodates a drawer unit or a trundle bed underneath.
  9. Measure your ceiling height before you choose your bunk beds. Most models are designed to work even with a ceiling that isn't quite 8 feet, but some (especially lofts with desks and/or seating areas below) require a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet. That won’t work in some rooms.

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  10. Bunk beds are not just for kids. Cottages (check out queen over queen), studio apartments, university residences all benefit from sturdy bunk beds that can accommodate adults.

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