Bookcases are among the most useful pieces of furniture you’ll ever own. They not only organize your collection of books, but also serve as a place to display art, plants and accent pieces. By adding a few bins or baskets, they also make the perfect spot to neatly stash odds and ends. Chosen correctly and your customer will enjoy their Crate Designs bookcase for decades (or more)!

Common bookcase problems include:

Problem #1: My bookshelf sags!

Heavy books got your bookshelf down? The best way to ensure a firm shelf is to go with a solid wood option. Shelves that use particle board (like so many do) will eventually sag over time – guaranteed. Solid wood is much sturdier and lasts longer!

Problem #2: I have too many books, not enough bookshelf space!

First of all, there is no such problem as too many books. You just need the right bookshelf to hold your collection! Size is the most important factor to consider when choosing a bookcase.

Consider both aesthetic and practical concerns when choosing height. Tall bookcases that fill up most of a wall typically look more expensive and formal; however, shorter ones offer the added functionality of a usable surface area on the top. This allows it to double as a media cabinet, buffet or workspace, for example.

Make sure you consider what you will be storing on your bookcase before making a purchase.

Problem #3: My books always get so dusty!

You’ve spent years amassing your collection, so why not preserve it in the best conditions? This is an easy problem to solve. Consider doors. The best thing about bookcases with doors is that it keeps dust from collecting on whatever is inside. Wood doors are also great for hiding clutter, but if you're using a bookcase as a display for dishes or interesting objects like figurines and souvenirs, you may want to consider glass doors.

Problem #4: You love the look of built-in bookcases but...

You’re scared of commitment. Maybe you rent, maybe you plan to move or maybe the cost of custom built-in bookcases is not in the budget. You can achieve a similar look by placing a few bookcases next to each other.

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  • Lisa Alberico