New Ways to Use Your Dresser

New Ways to Use Your Dresser

What holds your clean clothes, serves your buffet dinner and contains your hobby room clutter? Dressers are not just for the bedroom!

Dining room - instead of a fancy sideboard or buffet in the dining room, you can use a dresser for displaying and serving dinner or desserts when entertaining guests. Your seasonal tablecloths and napkins, serving utensils and extra cutlery are conveniently stored in the drawers below, freeing up valuable storage space in your kitchen.

Craft and sewing station - you can insert bins or baskets in the drawers for small, easy-to-lose supplies like rubber stamps, scissors, thread or extra bobbins. You can use the dresser top as extra workspace.

Entertainment or media stand - the easiest thing to do is to place your TV on top of a dresser. This could be a tall dresser in the bedroom or a double dresser in the living room. All good entertainment stands need plenty of storage. Put your remotes, extra cords, video games and everything else in the drawers.

Mudroom or entryway - a dresser can serve as a catchall for keys and purses or mittens and scarves as the weather gets cold. It can also hold mail and outgoing items on your to-do list.

Here are 8 more ways you can use a dresser to gain extra storage space in your home:

  • for extra linens, towels and blankets
  • for toys and games
  • for out of season clothing
  • as a gift organizer with wrapping supplies, mailing supplies, cards and decorations
  • a party planning hub for party supplies and decor
  • for photos and albums, those that are done and those yet to be done (scrap-booking supplies)
  • a bill paying/organizing center for receipts, copies, warranties, etc.
  • for accessories and jewelry

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  • Lisa Alberico