How to choose a headboard height

How to choose a headboard height

Go high or go low, that is the question. The size of your headboard can have a big impact on your entire bedroom. Oversized headboards are dramatic and impactful. They create a focal point in a sophisticated and modern bedroom. Smaller headboards have a minimal appearance, which are great for smaller spaces. A low headboards also leaves you room to hang something above it.

Here are some tips for selecting the best headboard height for your customer’s bedroom.

  1. Think about placement

Step one is to determine where the bed is going to be placed in the room. What’s the height of the ceiling? Are there windows to work around? Is it a large or small space?

  1. Think about your evening routine

Do you love to read, work on emails or binge watch your favorite shows while lounging in bed? A taller headboard will give you more space to lean back comfortably.

  1. Be honest about a throw pillow obsession

Consider the number of accent pillows you like on the bed. If you have an extensive collection, you’ll want a taller headboard so that it doesn’t disappear under a mound of throw pillows.

  1. Storage is an option

Headboards can also stand in for storage furniture when the bedroom is quite small. If you areis short on square footage, you'll want to make the most of all their space with a bookcase bed.

  1. How deep is the mattress?

All too often, though, a mattress and box spring can put that headboard in an awkward position when the mattress is very deep. A thicker mattress and box spring can result in a headboard that now sits too low. These days a mattress can be 20 inches high. You don’t want the mattress to cover up the whole headboard. For some mattress manufacturers, the sky -- or rather, the ceiling -- has become the limit.

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  • Lisa Alberico