The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

Why is it that when it comes to decorating or redecorating our homes that the master bedroom is either the last to get done or gets overlooked all together? Let’s be honest, it would be nice to have a little calm retreat after all the craziness that is our days. The master should be a space of tranquillity, relaxation and intimacy. And instead it's usually a hand-me-down graveyard/storage facility...not exactly the rejuvenating/inspiring space you’d like to wake up to every day. Because this is where you start and end every day, bedroom furniture should provide optimal function as well as delight.

If you are looking to treat yourself to a new master bedroom you should think about how you want the room to feel and how you use it.  Do you want it to feel warm and cozy, elegant, sensual or streamlined and simple? Is this space all about sound sleep, quiet music and reading time, or do you want it to serve as a private lounge space to catch up on their favorite shows?

Whatever the case, you will save time and money and ultimately be happier with the results if you consider the desired tone and function before you buy anything, paint anything or re-arrange a single piece.

The next step before you can start shopping is to consider the size and layout of the room. Measure the space and take the time to reflect on the size of the bed suitable for the room. Start with the bed and surrounding wall since this is usually the focal point of the room.

Do you need a new headboard? If you don’t have one, it’s time. Headboards create structure for the bed space and can be the quickest, easiest way to upgrade a master bedroom.

There are very few things that ruin the mood of a personal sanctuary faster than a massive pile of clothing sitting on your bedroom floor. If your master bedroom is small or has limited storage space, consider adding under bed storage. Under bed storage can contain a remarkable amount without taking up additional space in the room.

We're willing to bet you spend the most time in your bedroom out of any other space in your home. It can be hard to decorate a master bedroom that hits every note — a calm, organized retreat that helps you sleep. But with the right bed and storage you can master the master bedroom without spending a ton of time or money.

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  • Lisa Alberico