Colour is a very important factor when you are purchasing furniture. While it’s great to have many colour options, it can also be intimidating: how can you know which furniture will look best in your home?

The colour of the furniture that you select can completely transform the ambiance of a room; make it appear spacious or intimate, wide open or comfortably cozy.

The trend in recent years has been toward darker colours like Espresso. Dark furniture adds drama to a room and gives it a more formal look. It’s compelling, draws the eye and can serve as a wonderful focal point.

Lighter toned furniture – blonde wood and white, for example – is versatile. It goes well with practically any colour of wall or floor.  It can also be used in contemporary, traditional, rustic, or country spaces, cottages, kids’ bedrooms, guest rooms, and sun rooms. On a practical note, lighter furniture is easier to maintain.

Grey continues to grow in popularity. Many of us love the way grey wood adds texture and dimension to a room. The right shade can soften the contrast between bold colors and surfaces, providing the perfect bridge between warms and cools, browns and blues. Grey wood makes a modern, versatile surface for any space. Grey stains are becoming a popular way to keep the warmth of wood while giving it a more modern feel.

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  • Lisa Alberico