Why you Should Buy Furniture for Christmas Gifts

Why you Should Buy Furniture for Christmas Gifts

One of the great joys of life is giving people gifts that they want and need—and a big stumbling block is not having any good ideas for what such a gift might be. Every year it gets harder!

You used to buy books as gifts, but now your family prefers to use an e-reader; you used to bake, but now there are so many dietary restrictions; we stream movies and music online...in too many families gift giving has become an exchange of gift cards and cash.

Furniture is a great solution. We all need furniture in our homes, and we like furniture that looks good. But once we have bought what we need, it often takes a very long to replace items that become horribly worn, outdated and even uncomfortable. For this reason, a new bed or mattress can be the perfect gift, especially for a spouse or your children and grandchildren.

Bunk beds make great Christmas presents for the kids in your life. Sure, they may not fit under the tree or in a stocking, but bunk beds will certainly be one of the highlights of the season.

For kids, bunk beds are exciting. There are stairs or a ladder to climb, places to play or hide away, and maybe even a desk built into the bed itself.

Wrapping a sofa, bed or mattress is quite the challenge. Thankfully, you can reveal your gift in an easier way. One way around the secrecy aspect of keeping furniture gifts hidden until Christmas day is to give a photograph of the item, and then have it delivered after Christmas. Alternatively ask a friend or, preferably, a neighbour, if you can use their garage to “hide” it temporarily.

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  • Lisa Alberico