How to buy high quality furniture on a budget

How to buy high quality furniture on a budget
I know how tempting it is to buy cheap furniture. Big box retailers have mastered the art of offering low-quality but reasonably cool looking items. And those items can be hard to resist!
But think about this for a moment: How much quality can you really get with a $99 desk? How long is that $79 bookshelf really going to last you?
I can tell you from experience that the answer is “not long.” And, I’m sure you’ve probably experienced the same thing yourself.
My point here is that cheap furniture isn’t really that cheap at all. You might be getting a bargain at first, but it’s not going to last over the long haul.
Why Buy Quality Furniture?
High-quality furniture is made with care, which means it’s going to last. I strongly believe that you save money by spending a bit more on furniture for several reasons:
1. You don’t buy on impulse.
When you focus on buying quality, you’re unlikely to buy something on impulse. When you buy on impulse you are buying because it’s a deal and it looks cool and because you’re going to cross your fingers and hope it does the trick.
When you buy quality, you choose with thought and consideration. You buy with confidence.
2. Quality furniture lasts longer.
Unlike thin plywood, particleboard, pressboard, or fiberboard furniture that usually has the durability of wet cardboard after some normal household use, high-quality furniture can stand up to some serious wear. Ask yourself whether the piece of furniture you’re considering is likely to last two years or twenty. Will you have to pay someone to haul it to the dump or will someone pay you top dollar on Kijiji when you are done with it?
A bargain isn’t really a bargain if you have to replace it every two to five years.
How to transition from disposable to high-quality?
Unlike electronics and other household goods, a lot of quality furniture is still sold through independent, family-run businesses. The owners and employees of these businesses are passionate about what they do and about the furniture they sell. Visit a high-quality retailer and learn how to recognize quality.
If the sticker price scares you, don’t worry. You have some options.
Look at the floor models, usually there’s nothing too wrong with them. If there’s a nick or dent, maybe it’s in a spot you can live with.
Ask for a discount…nicely. Compliment the item. Be serious about making the purchase and ask about the possibility of the item ever going on sale. The worst they can say is no.
Don’t underestimate the value of buying pre-loved furniture. As far as quality, if it were going to break easily, it probably would have by now.
Purchase classic pieces with simple lines that won’t go out of style!

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  • Lisa Alberico