How to set up a dream bedroom

How to set up a dream bedroom
Bedrooms are the ultimate place of refuge from the stresses of the day; therefore bedroom design is all about creating a comfortable space that helps you feel energized and totally at ease. Sometimes, the most difficult room to design is the bedroom. Where to place furniture in the bedroom can be a tricky dilemma, especially if a room is long and narrow, has an abundance of windows or is a tight fit.
The way you arrange furniture can make a big difference if done properly. You can design a perfect space with just a little bit of thought and a lot of experimentation. Crate Designs has a wide variety of bedroom furniture that will fit any specific needs you have. When it comes to arranging furniture it’s sometimes necessary to get a little creative. Here are some tips you can use for making the most of your space.
Before you start deciding where to put what, grab a piece of paper and make a simple sketch of the room. You don’t have to be an artist but you can easily eliminate some of the options that won’t work and potentially save time. You should take note of windows, doors, closets. Even before measuring the room you will be able to get a sense of the room’s potential flow and make a couple of guesses as to what will work. You will eventually have to measure though!
Once you have the basics of the room down on paper, begin with the bed. Because every bedroom absolutely has to have a bed in it! Traditionally, beds are placed on the wall opposite the door or the largest one with no windows. In a small bedroom, you may have to break these guidelines, though. Find a spot for the bed that makes the most sense, just make sure you can open and close your bedroom and closet doors.
Aside from the bed, think about the furniture and try to use only the pieces that are necessary for the room to function. This is especially important in small bedrooms when there isn’t a lot of extra space – using fewer pieces will make the room look and feel a lot more spacious. If the room is extra tiny, use taller dressers, a 7026 for example, and shelves to get more storage while taking up less room.
If the bedroom is barely big enough to fit a bed, there are a few tricks that will help you manage the space. While no one loves the idea of pushing a bed against the wall, you can try leaving as little room as possible on one side—this will leave more space on the other for a larger bedside chest. A small shelf on the opposite side works well if there is not enough room for two tables. At Crate Designs there is always the option to use under bed storage (4019 etc) instead of a dresser and remember mirrors will also help the room appear bigger.
On the other hand, if your room is a generous size, we recommend a long bench at the end of the bed. A bench is not only aesthetically pleasing but also convenient. Alternatively, an upholstered cube or petite bench near the closet will make sure nothing is left on the floor.
And finally, take your time. Great designs can take a while, but it’s worth taking the extra time to make sure you are thrilled with the end results.

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  • Lisa Alberico